Who is the edified listener?

Who is the edified listener?

To answer the question: I am, I hope you are or will be, and perhaps more of us would like to be.   Nice to have you and welcome to this blog!

My goal for this hallowed space is to contemplate the joys of conversation with ourselves, with others, with the printed page, the sound of music or with whatever other means we open ourselves to the experience of listening.  Not just hearing, but listening, truly listening.   And what I have found over the years is that when I listen well, with my full attention and my heart in the right place, I am edified: enriched, enhanced, satisfied, uplifted.  What a gift!

And while it certainly is a beautiful thing to receive a gift, the more profound delight lies in the offering.

May the ideas, notions, fragments and musings you find here provide whatever you need to bolster your own edification and listening and may it be a pleasure.

Thank you for joining me,


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