New learning: a crafting yarn

Yesterday I brought home three new balls of yarn to prepare for my next round of crocheting adventures.  I reconnected with this handicraft skill of my youth just a few short weeks ago.  All it took was an enticing display in the book store: attractive yarns, a nice selection of crocheting hooks and an abundance of instruction books.  Unusual for me, I took the material bait and left the books there.  I figured I’d do just as well looking online to find whatever I needed to get started.


Three beginner scarves later I can say that the digital promise was fulfilled.  But that was only the start.  My soon-to-be 6 year old saw my selection of yarns and immediately seized the opportunity to get in on the act.  He’d been bringing home his own yarn creations from the Austrian kindergarten he attends.  After making the tough decision of which colors, he set to work independently and began creating a three meter long chain by knitting with his fingers.  I asked him to teach me and within a few minutes I was creating my own funky chain. One day later we have three beautiful chains (one of which is actually a snake) and I say, Christmas can come!

The beauty of this experience has many faces: I followed my son’s lead and the payoff was so astoundingly rich. I got to remember how much I enjoy working with my hands and making things for others. It brought me back to the notion of “lifelong learning” and how much more multifaceted it can be beyond the realm of professional development. I chose to renew an old interest and found more than ample resources online to get me going on my path. I can hardly wait to decide on the next creative project! Beanies or bags?  Learning momentum in action.  I’m hooked! (Couldn’t resist that pun…)

The snake
The snake

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