Testing, testing: This is your coach speaking…

This year, this month, very recently, I learned to speak the following words out loud: I am starting my life coaching business.  It is a true statement and no longer that bottled dream on a shelf waiting patiently to be released.  My secret is out: I am here to coach and I know so because when I engage in the process and your agenda is at the center of attention, that is when I am most fully myself: present, curious, observant, connected.

My card

During our time together, we open up space in which to work.  We survey the landscape, explore the territory, become discoverers in your own backyard.  We can investigate exteriors and inner workings, we can wonder about oddities and ideosyncracies, tinker with habits and patterns.  Our process recognizes and honors the “quest” embedded in the questions and by design sets us on a course of movement towards your desired destination(s).

Our journey is rich in discovery.  Your research takes unexpected trajectories. New findings emerge. The topic of investigation shifts.  Your learning expands and you are energized by the forward momentum you have created. We walk, we skip, we amble. We catch our breath and move on.   We celebrate progress and do a victory dance right there in the space of our deliberate making. We mix our metaphors like exotic cocktails and have fun doing it.

I can hardly wait to work with you.  To listen intently, share in your humor; to welcome your wildest dreams and ambitions into the light of day; to life.

No longer a test: This is your coach speaking.  I’m here.

See you soon,


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