Some more thoughts on curriculum, standards and such

This week happened to be #calmEdchat and the focus was on questions around curriculum. I noticed two things: I had a lot of questions and there actually was very little chatting going on. Why was that? There are tons of educators active on twitter participating in multiple chats and in this particular case where one question is posed for response per day (hence the title “calm”), the lines were perceptibly quiet. And relative to last month’s #calmEdchat in which quite a few folks were sharing personal experiences related to being on twitter and being connected, I was astounded at the dearth of lively discussion this time around.

My two questions which were included were decidedly open: What is curriculum actually? and What would your dream curriculum do for students? For your teaching?  Although I enjoyed the spirited back and forth with chat organizer, +AI Elliot (@ellication) on the first night, I missed a wider participation by my connected colleagues.  The situation makes me wonder what it is about curriculum that leaves so many speechless, disinterested, or unmoved if that is in fact, what they were.

There are so many useful thoughts out there on curriculum, standards and assessment out there that I want to simply highlight some of the readings that have influenced and opened up my thinking on these topics, particularly this week. Read them in good health and I welcome further contributions to my broadening understanding.

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