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If you’ve been following this blog, you will know that I put a fair amount of stock in Twitter as a useful platform for gathering information, opinion and also resources for a variety of interests. While the volume remains overwhelming, the quality of content I am able to curate, process and share continues to astound me.

In only a few days I have run across several articles which all got me thinking in both different and converging directions. Connections exist and probably not exclusively in my special world but also for others. Two articles brought up questions about who gets to teach, or call themselves a teacher. Another article challenges assumptions about our understanding of the root causes of poverty and the interests we may have in perpetuating those assumptions. And the final piece is a portrait of an educator, Samuel Delaney, whose simple example of empowering teaching puts so much of our heated discourse about methods, curricula and standards to shame.

What’s also important to me is by sharing the tweets and my retweets I can better illustrate the community effort of content curation. I would hardly encounter most of what I read were it not for the generous sharing by the folks I follow and the remarkable people and organizations they follow. In this community of curators I share in the tremendous wealth of high quality media resources and gladly redistribute it to whomever may find value in it.

I do wish I had cogent responses to these articles – wise thoughts and savvy connections for you to ponder and evaluate. Sadly, I do not. I only have the need and desire to underscore what I consider to be worthy topics for our consideration. Read what strikes your fancy and get back to me. I welcome the dialogue. Without the dialogue, my conclusions are only tentative and lacking the benefit of real exercise.

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