It’s the Relationships

Yes, you have heard this before and maybe you preach it on your own time. It’s the relationships that matter and keep me engaged on social media.
It’s the relationships to people and their ideas that compels me to stay up later than I ought to, to leave longer blog comments than I originally intended, to delight in good news that a friends are sharing not only with the world but also with me.
It’s the relationships that ideas enable. When we each bring a bunch of our ideas to the table and have a potluck, we celebrate a conversation.

Two Twitter friends just sent news of their kids doing brave and meaningful stuff and it pleases me to respond and share in that moment of pride. Those are the relationships I mean.
I dug into a long post about the challenges of teaching writing to “today’s students” and I found a statement that made all the difference for me: “many of the reasons that children fail at their pursuit of ethical lives must be placed at our feet.” The relationship between the idea and my experience is formed almost immediately. I mean these relationships too.

Every hour that I spend on here is costly and worth it. I have these many relationships to thank for that.

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