Great Reads 2015

This is a new endeavor: an end-of-year round-up of some of my favorite reads. Thanks to the wonders of technology (Twitter and Evernote, in particular), it was almost easy to do. May you find a post or article that tickles your curiosity and broadens your perspective.


Such a wonderfully open post! @Bali_Maha on choosing to wear the hijab: Highly recommended reading! #diversity

.@nicolecallahan, telling some truths about being the one friend/family member of color: (Tweet via @ArissahOh)


Must-read“@tressiemcphd: “Starbucks Wants To Talk To You About Race. But Does It Want to Talk To You About Racism?”

Why education is not a design problem: via @jacobinmag

“What If Maps Were Made By Africans For Their Own Use?” via @brittlepaper re: @Chimurenga_SA (tweet via @james3neal) This is the intro to an edition of a literary journal.


Why I Teach by @ericspreng: Very rewarding read.


Where are my people at?: via @RusulAlrubail#educolor means so much.

Who am I to add value to this conversation? But who am I to keep silent? #educolor via @Angela_Watson


Divided, Conquered: “Everybody blogs. Nobody reads.” via @plthomasEdD

Is It Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools? (my notes from our panel today at #iste2015) via @audreywatters

July Boom!

More on Solidarity: “Speak to Shared Goals,” Not “Speak with One Voice” via @plthomasEdD


Absolutely one of the best things I have read recently (and I’ve read a lot): #preach Rachel Thinnes!


Are Americans sacrificing their right to walk? (@amalchik, @aeonmag) #longreads  This is where I began reading Amanda Malchik’s work. Now I am an enthusiastic follower, also of her astute recommendations.

Once we all get a bit more comfortable we can talk about race, and equity. — Tom Rademacher (@MrTomRad) This is a post I really want everyone to read.


Ten Counterproductive Behaviors of Social Justice Educators via @_CodyKeith_ So much truth!


Traces  stunning post by @KateMfD for #DigiWriMo  (tweet via @slamteacher)

Read this because it is beautiful: Paths of Desire via @40houradjunct

Dreading going ‘home’ for Xmas – good advice Post by @mi_good (tweet via @PartAnnMarie )

Out of order

And… I’m not sure when this year that I read this piece by Mellanie Fullick (@qui_oui) which she wrote in 2013, but wow, it was a sort of wake up call for me:

So those are my picks this time around. Such rich reading. Enjoy as much as you can and let me know what





3 thoughts on “Great Reads 2015

  1. Dang.
    You are organized. I can barely remember last month, never mind January. But thank you for sharing many articles that I likely missed, and now have an opportunity to read. If I can just remember to bookmark your post … (got it!)

    1. If only you knew, Kevin! Thanks for sharing that impression. Again, the tech facilitated my memory. Evernote holds onto whatever I tweet out so that’s my starting point. I don’t remember the date but Evernote does. We’re a good team that way. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for posting these! They are now part of my required reading for the next few days. I really appreciate you sharing.

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