Thinking about this:

In order to get this one needs to understand a bunch of things: democracy, weak ties, and automated and profitized.

I don’t have the academic will or energy to go through and define and contemplate or unpack these pieces. I’m looking at the whole composition though and I understand that as others have said, written, and shouted from rooftops: Democracy, and what we think we mean by that term, is in danger.  And Facebook (along with other platforms) – its fundamental architecture, business model and incentive structure – packs enough of a corrosive effect for its users, unwittingly or not, to dissolve citizens’ trust in democratic institutions or even the desire or need to maintain such political practices.

In a nutshell, we are living in dire times. But it will all be captured on the internet. And sold. And sold. And sold again.

I’m very afraid that Tressie is all the way right.

2 thoughts on “#TruthInATweet

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is an interesting point to ponder. I think that your last line is so powerful (and true).

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