As in failing to move forward. Failing to make visible progress.

Stuck. As if plastered to the spot.

Willing and unable to pull the lever, unlock the lock, or do whatever that thing is you do to start something rolling.

Scrolling through social media, clicking and stabbing at so much emptiness. Pausing occasionally to say please and thank you and hmph.


Release. My release when it comes

will be sudden and unexpected as if it had been there the whole time and saying, “what do you mean you were stuck?”

“That’s ludicrous.”

This is no way to approach writing a substantive piece of work that people should read and congratulate me on.

No way at all. Stuck.

Creativity on hold. Backed up communication channels. System blockage.

Remembering: No one is waiting up late for this.

There is no stop watch running.

Tomorrow is another day.

I’m stuck.

And I am.


3 thoughts on “Stuck.

  1. When my kids were little they had a favourite story book written in verse about a truck driven by a duck that gets stuck in some muck. Many animals come to help. “And this is the truck. Still stuck.”

    So they all to practice a bit of patience: “This is the quiet as they think what to do.”

    And then the denouement, and the truck slurps out of the muck: “Back on the track. Unstuck at last.”

    Reading this book to them eleventy thousand times convinced me to be relatively faithful to the idea that change will come. As a writer who gets deeply stuck, I hear ya.

    This is the quiet.

  2. There is truly another day. A wonderful reminder!

    You can check out my post that relates to this via

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