Travelogue #1: At Your Own Risk


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Seeing danger, they fled.

Fleeing danger, they saw.

Feeling danger, seeing flight, fleeing feeling

Their imaginations were too powerful for their own good.



(Deadly sneaker waves…imagine!)




*Photographs in this series, all taken in Iceland, June 2019. ©edifiedlistener




2 thoughts on “Travelogue #1: At Your Own Risk

  1. I love love the poem but the pictures – oh my! Are Icelandic people especially cautious? Or especially daring? Or perhaps especially litigious? Whatever trait caused them to make all those signs, I salute it – and you for the hilarious slideshow.

    1. What’s funny, Amanda, is that although I found these signs at various sights, they were never overdone. There weren’t 50 warnings, just a couple, which I appreciated. It was like them saying, “Look, we told you it was dangerous, so…no crying after you are buried under a rock slide.” I love the drama of the signs. They couldn’t possibly make it clearer!

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