SOL March 22nd In Between

In between the end of school and leaving for skating

In between lunch and dinner

In between getting up groggy and hit-the-hay stupor

In between books and papers

In between leftover noodles and tomato pesto

In between the spoons and knives

In between I’ll call you and see you next week

In between we know this and I forgot

In between the right words and the I-don’t-care words

In between what’s started and what’s unfinished

In between I’m fine and I miss you

In between shut up and shut down

In between unicorns and donkeys

In between what you told me and when I lied

In between a rock and a hard place

In between the first and the last kiss

In between hello and goodbye

In between what’s real and what’s true

In between all of me and some of you.

10 thoughts on “SOL March 22nd In Between

  1. I really love the repetition- as the previous person commented- it is very thought-provoking.
    The last line really got me!

  2. This poem encourages meditation. We get so busy with the beginning and the end of things that we do not pay homage to the times ‘in between’ where we should also be present. Thanks for presenting a thought provoking slice.

  3. The repetition really gives this the sense of enormity that I think it deserves…there is space in the “in between”s, but I’m not sure we always see it or know it because there are so very many.

  4. Interesting words and structure, with lots to think about “in between.” I want to try this and see what emerges.

  5. This is going to sound like it’s from left field, but your poem today strikes me as mathematical. One of the things that I love about numbers math (and probably physics and astrophysics) is that there is ALWAYS an infinity between any two things. This poem, gives us those boundaries and dares us as the reader to create the spaces between them. Beautiful stuff, this.

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