Ten Tabs in January 2022

I have way too many tabs open in my browsers. Yes, browsers plural. One for work, one for everything else. I have done the reading and am eager to share but don’t have the time I’d like to engage with all of them in writing. So I’ll just share the tweets/links and invite you to check out what grabs you.

On talking to kids about Covid:

On reading queer authors. Whew! this one by Koritha Mitchell blew my mind wide open! Very affirming for me both emotionally and intellectually.

On alibi DEIJ initiatives Scott Woods has some excellent points.

Need a bit of memoir inspiration? Try “Beauty Is A Method” by Christina Sharpe.

I’m currently enrolled in an affinity space writing course on personal essay led by Shea Wesley Martin. Every assigned reading/listening/viewing has sparked my imagination and courage in untold ways. One piece we read by Dulce-Marie Flecha took me by surprise and opened new doors of possibility. A soup recipe as a deconstruction of a human condition.

Take time for this remarkable interview of Dr. Andre Brock Jr. on why people do what they do on the internet. He is the author of Distributed Blackness: African American Cybercultures.

On another note, Chris Gilliard has been publishing amazing articles on surveillance capitalism and all that that entails. To read any of his work is never a mistake.

Robert Jones Jr. is an author of whom I was tangentially aware but this blog post on an ER visit due to a severe MS flare up shook me up and brought me into the fold of dedicated readers.

Thanks to my friend, Kathleen Naglee, I was introduced to Laziness Does Not Exist by Devon Price. Such a welcome intervention!

Finally, I’m going to add a post of my own that was recently published on the Teachers Going Gradeless website. The piece emerged from a real struggle with myself to come clean on my ideas about assessment in my area of elementary physical education.

Of course, taken together, this is too much. Who has the time? And yet, how many tabs do you have open on your devices? We do what we can, when we can and work with it. The more stuff I post on Twitter and elsewhere, the more I worry about taking up too much space, about staying on the mic too long. Granted, that’s a me problem. But it also reminds me, that maybe it’s my way of making up for lost time, lost ground, never-held status. I keep posting, talking, sharing because it’s my turn, too.

In this dynamic environment, I post, you choose. You post, I decide. We toss ourselves into ongoing cycles of give and take, receive and transmit, call and response, speak and listen. I suppose this post is about economy; a kind of efficiency. Let it be that and also the gift it aims to be.

Enjoy, be edified, be well!

One thought on “Ten Tabs in January 2022

  1. There is so much about this to love, not the least of which is the wealth of links for me to follow on this super cold Saturday! I love the reminder of balance: the “ongoing cycles of give and take, receive and transmit, call and response, speak and listen.” Thank you.

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