Words for now

Image via Pixabay
What's hard is
what's hard is reaching an understanding. We say
r e a c h an understanding like walking over a bridge,
a bridge over troubled water, perhaps,
to reach an understanding. 
But the bridge
right under our feet.
We are no longer standing
we can no longer reach
we have fallen down
and that's what's hard.

What's hard about people
What's hard about people is trying to 
understand them.
What's hard about people is trying to understand
why on god's green earth
they are not more like us.
What's hard about people is trying to understand
why in the world
we can't be more like them.
What's hard about people is trying to understand
why on god's green earth
it's so damn difficult to be a person.

What I see
What I see is that knowing is usually not enough
What I know is that feeling depends
What I hear is what others say
what I guess is that I don't know what to believe
What I think is not really the topic
What I suspect is that we are very afraid
What I imagine 
what I imagine
what I imagine remains a mystery.

How do we resist our own commodification as agents of change?

I want
you want
they want
Conjugation will not resolve the confusion
Human being doing
right wrong
Grammar will not protect us from disappointment
no one
not one, none
but this one

What will enable us to remain critical of the systems that employ our services yet fail to change policy & paradigms?

Critical as condition
critical as credence
critical as credibility
critical as calling card
critical as casualty
critical as casual
critical as clamor
critical as crisis
critical as content
critical as contentious
critical as contempt
critical as conflict
critical as conflicted
critical as collateral
critical as consumable
critical as credit
critical as clash
critical as cash

Back to understanding
Standing Back
to back
Backing up
standing back
Back to understanding
might take a while.

2 thoughts on “Words for now

  1. Apart from making it abundantly clear that there is at least someone else in the world who processes differences with other human beings in a similar manner to my own, this poem artfulness truly inspires me. The last two stanzas appeal strongly to my creative sensibilities: the alliterative play with “critical” and its c-starting counterparts, and the astute configurations and reconfigurations of “back,” “under,” and “stand” to vector and re-vector the path of signification. Meaningful fun.

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