SOL 22 #13 I might be sick, but…

I might be sick, because I’m achy all over and my feet refuse to get warm.

I might be sick because it seems like everyone else is sick; why not me, too?
I might be sick but I really don't think we have any PE subs left.
I might be sick because I'm still freezing although snuggled under two blankets in a well heated room.
I might be sick because I had a slight temperature in the afternoon but a negative Covid test.
I might be sick because although I went skating for the last time of the season, my energy was low and it felt nearly impossible to stay warm.
I might be sick but I'm still functional, I guess. That's a problem.
I might be functional while sick and warrior-teacher mentality wants me to soldier on just to prove that I'm actually OK.
But I'm probably not.
I might be sick and I'm probably sick and really I should just throw in the towel and rest until I feel better.
And that's the hardest because who can afford to be sick at a time like this?
Rest is not the enemy, infection is.
I might be sick but... and it's time to follow all the advice I've been dispensing to others.

8 thoughts on “SOL 22 #13 I might be sick, but…

  1. It is often SO hard to stay home and take care of ourselves! I remember many times going to school when I didn’t feel good. Not when I had been puking sick, or running a fever, but sick enough I should have stayed home. I hope you feel better quickly!

  2. Love the strikeout of but for AND. I don’t know any other profession that debates so hard the taking of a sick day! You captured the inner turmoil as we try to convince ourselves we’re okay. Glad you finally talked yourself into rest.

  3. The feeling of listing as I read sings to me. That moment of almost panic when you realize you are unwell, and your brain rushes ahead to all of the things that have to happen for you to actually be unwell enough to rest to be well. Sending you healing vibes.

  4. Oh. Oh. How often have I felt this way? Sick maybe? Sick maybe not? Is it worth giving in? Do I need to slog through? Can I afford to take a day? Can I afford not to? Will I be able to mentally? Physically? Logistically?

    I FEEL you on this. And speaking of feels…I hope you feel better!

  5. No more “buts” because it’s time to rest. I hope you are feeling better after taking your own advice. All the reasoning expressed is on point though. As a teacher, it’s not easy to take a sick day.

  6. Glad you are going to rest and recover! Teachers push themselves too much because we don’t want to inconvenience the school with finding a sub or the lesson plans may be wasted if you have a rough class and they won’t respect the sub. But it’s important to take care of you

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