This is the view.

Leafy green view of woods across a greenish lake surface, dry yellow grass and rooftops of houses in foreground.
For a few summer days this place is my own
backwooded insect rich heat resistant spot
A peace
a piece

Space for writing, reading, cooking, eating
slowpaced, downshifted, nature sounding spot
a gift
a gem
an absence
a departure.

License for imagination and doing nothing both
who I am what I want what I see and don't
a blessing
a curse
a bending
a stance.

I digress

One thought on “Sololitude

  1. I read this. And then I read it again. And then again. I’m not sure which strikes me more deeply – the dreamy quality of the couplets to start each stanza, or the crafty use of wordplay in the quatrains to follow. I feel the space – the physical, the mental space – that you open up, that open YOU up. Beautiful.

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