In Deep Water With Audrey and Tressie

As an educator there are plenty of reasons to be on Twitter or to engage on other social media platforms. I’m a PE teacher finishing up a year’s hiatus from the classroom and looking forward to getting back into the routine of working with real children. That said, my intellectual excursions this year have taken… Continue reading In Deep Water With Audrey and Tressie

What is an institution?

These last few days I’ve been following the Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute going on at Mary Washington University in Virginia. I tuned in first forĀ  Tressie McMillan Cottom’s keynote on Monday and enjoyed a “hallway conversation” via Virtual Connecting with Tressie, Sean Michael Morris and Cathy Davidson and about 7 other virtual guests via Google… Continue reading What is an institution?

Mentor, vb. trans.

I recently shared a list of role models and mentors on Twitter. There are lots of reasons for me to be here but right now my heart is swelling with gratitude for so many wonderful role models. 1/? — Sherri Spelic (@edifiedlistener) April 2, 2016 My role models & mentors: @RafranzDavis , @sarahdateechur, @tressiemcphd, @RusulAlrubail,… Continue reading Mentor, vb. trans.

Incongruity Theory and #RaceTogether

I’ll admit: The Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign has my attention. I’ll fault Twitter which is, of course, where I caught wind of it and began noting the numerous witty retorts appearing in my feed. Above all, I was amused. Then curious, then amused, and now back to curious. Starbucks' #RaceTogether invites customers to talk about race.… Continue reading Incongruity Theory and #RaceTogether