#NAISPoCC18 I’m Ready

My 5th time: Houston, DC, Atlanta, Anaheim and now Nashville. National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference. An education conference. A social justice conference. An affinity group space. All of the above. Consider this, too: There are all these young people around. You know, high schoolers. Teenagers. Here at the conference. Because they… Continue reading #NAISPoCC18 I’m Ready

Other People’s Conferences

So excited to learn from the architects of the #DisruptTexts movement: @nenagerman @juliaerin80 @juliaerin80 and @TchKimPossible (not pictured) #NCTE18 #HFellows pic.twitter.com/hBC89ibywX — Kate Flowers (@kate_flowers) November 16, 2018 In my first few years on Twitter it took me some time to get used to all the group pictures being shared from various education conferences. I… Continue reading Other People’s Conferences

I have some thoughts about parent-teacher conferences

As a teacher I enjoy the opportunity to sit with the parents of my individual students and to talk about their accomplishments their challenges and our relationship. There’s a similar structure to each of my conferences and although I teach about 130 students on average I feel like I know each of them well enough… Continue reading I have some thoughts about parent-teacher conferences

Going Back to School Thoughts

I’m not ready. I’ve never been all-the-way ready. The first day is always exciting, year, after year, after year. Imagine a career full of fresh starts annually. That’s teaching. Spending a few prep days with adult colleagues feels comforting. Yet nothing compares to the arrival of children in all shapes and sizes. Big sisters, little… Continue reading Going Back to School Thoughts

Fully Human and Hello, Belongingness

On a recent #ClearTheAir Twitter chat discussing themes in the book Troublemakers by Carla Shalaby,  Val Brown raised this question: Talk about a time you were able to be “fully human” with someone. What were the conditions that made that possible? How did it feel? What can we do to replicate those conditions in our… Continue reading Fully Human and Hello, Belongingness