Less ‘Out There,’ More ‘In Here’

As a culture, we’ve forgotten that middle classes are not naturally occurring. They have to be created, consciously. For young people coming into adulthood now, higher education has never been more necessary or more expensive. That’s a cruel dilemma, and it speaks to polarization. If you don’t win, you very much lose. It wasn’t always… Continue reading Less ‘Out There,’ More ‘In Here’

Woman. Black. Fit. Angry. (In)visible. All of the above.

Two essays this week caught me unawares and have left me restless in their wake. The first is “Yes, I Am An Angry Black Woman” by Stacey Patton, published in DAME magazine and the second is “Fitted” by Moira Weigel in The New Inquiry. While it is easier to guess the thrust of the first… Continue reading Woman. Black. Fit. Angry. (In)visible. All of the above.

More Thoughts on Pasquale’s “Black Box Society”

When I finish reading a good book, my sense of satisfaction and fulfillment tends to be a rather private happening. I finish the book and even as I move on to the next (and there is always a next one), I still spend a fair amount of time processing the last. Since I’ve been blogging,… Continue reading More Thoughts on Pasquale’s “Black Box Society”

Parallel Realities and Summer Reading

I believe that I am on vacation. I am with my family at a beautiful alpine lake enjoying the landscape, their company and a break from our usual routines. I am finding more time for concentrated reading and that feels very much like vacation. I’m reading two books currently: Black Box Society by Frank Pasquale… Continue reading Parallel Realities and Summer Reading