Headlines With a Chance of Substance

I began collecting headlines* 2017 Why Does T Remain So Witless About the World? Will T be the Death of the Goldwater Rule? What Did DT learn inĀ  Texas? What Would War With North Korea Look Like? Could T alone kill Obamacare? 2018 The Beginning of the End for T? Will T Fire Rod Rosenstein?… Continue reading Headlines With a Chance of Substance

Reckoning With Resistance

Today my mind has not strayed far from the awful crimes being committed against asylum-seeking families arriving at the southern border of the United States. Yes, my outrage is selective. Yes, the previous administration had a tremendous deportation machinery of its own. Yes, this preying on brown and black people by a white supremacist political… Continue reading Reckoning With Resistance

Dear User/Supplier,

Greetings! We are pleased to inform you that your contributions to the greatest research effort ever on the confluence of human and machine learning into a single all-powerful source of knowledge, wisdom and capitalist domination are of the utmost importance and always welcome! Making the world a better place for all is a massive undertaking… Continue reading Dear User/Supplier,