Reckoning With Resistance

Today my mind has not strayed far from the awful crimes being committed against asylum-seeking families arriving at the southern border of the United States. Yes, my outrage is selective. Yes, the previous administration had a tremendous deportation machinery of its own. Yes, this preying on brown and black people by a white supremacist political… Continue reading Reckoning With Resistance

Dear User/Supplier,

Greetings! We are pleased to inform you that your contributions to the greatest research effort ever on the confluence of human and machine learning into a single all-powerful source of knowledge, wisdom and capitalist domination are of the utmost importance and always welcome! Making the world a better place for all is a massive undertaking… Continue reading Dear User/Supplier,

Document 2017

The peaceful transfer of power We all watched it happen: the shaking of hands, the sitting through ceremony, hands on Bibles. Peaceful Transfer of power. To witness the immediate consolidation and abuse of power. To stomach the legislative complicity of that abuse of peacefully transferred power. If this is where we are after 10 days,… Continue reading Document 2017