• The Problem That Is/Isn’t

    “The problem,” she said, “is not that I read too much. It’s that I feel too much of what I read.” “The problem,” he said, “is not that I watch too much, It’s that I have seen more than I know how to handle. And I cannot turn away.” “you know what your problem is?”… Continue Reading

  • What We Mean When We Talk About Quality Of Life

    Vienna, Austria is consistently rated among the cities with the highest quality of life. I agree with that evaluation. Here’s one example. I had some time on my hands early on a Saturday morning. I decided to visit a public park that I normally wouldn’t visit. Playground spaces always speak to me: How much room… Continue Reading

  • Ski Jumping and Parental Awe

    The more I write, the more I ask myself: Which stories are mine to tell? My youngest son participates in ski jumping. It’s a fairly spectacular sport: Jumpers in a squatting position on especially wide and long skis, place the skis into a metal track, zoom down the steep track at high speed and cast… Continue Reading

  • On Travel

    Away from home we may be asked why. Why here? What made you choose this place. Ah, to see what we can see. And in a city like Glasgow, we saw historic buildings. We also took pleasure in magnificent street art.   We travel to both get away and to get closer. We leave home… Continue Reading

  • Mirror, Mirror, in the Words

    Have you ever caught a view of yourself in the mirror that surprised you? Where you suddenly notice a detail that betrays what you perhaps were feeling but you thought couldn’t be seen? That’s kind of what happened to me the other day, but the mirror I saw myself in consisted of words; a series… Continue Reading

  • Reckoning With Resistance

    Today my mind has not strayed far from the awful crimes being committed against asylum-seeking families arriving at the southern border of the United States. Yes, my outrage is selective. Yes, the previous administration had a tremendous deportation machinery of its own. Yes, this preying on brown and black people by a white supremacist political… Continue Reading