As Podcast Guest

I’ve been privileged to be invited as a guest on a number of podcasts. It is always an honor and in retrospect also a revelation to hear my own thinking. I am grateful to the wonderful hosts who have welcomed me into stimulating dialogue.

Teachers Going Gradeless, TG2Chat Live! with Arthur Chiaravalli, January 2022

Practice Pedagogy Podcast with Tim Carson, September 2021

Shapes of Identity/ What Is Whiteness? with Justin Schleider, Stephen Buller, Valeria Brown, Dr. Tara Blackshear, July 2021

PhysEquity Podcast with Laura Davies and Dr. Sadie Hollins, July 2021

Be A Better Ally Podcast with Tricia Friedman June 2021

Hybrid Pedagogy/ Connection with Chris Friend, June 2020

The View From Venus with Meg Palladino, Lee Skallerup Bessette and Mary L. Churchill, March 2020

Gettin’ Air with Terry Greene June 2019

Pushing The Edge Podcast with Greg Curran, August 2018

image via CC0