Notes from #ISTE2016

No kidding. Another #ISTE post! First, the excitement: I finally got to hug @ShellTerrell, @Sarahdateechur, @CoburnCori, @ShanaVWhite! On top of that I got to hang with @RegionalConsult (Juanita Hines), @mrhooker, James Kapptie as fellow keynoters. Here’s a periscope link of the ISTE Affiliate Keynote Smackdown. So now that the nerve-wracking portion of my attendance has… Continue reading Notes from #ISTE2016

10 Things I Said In 2015 I’ll Say Again

About our lives with and in tech: “There is no app for patience. Just as there is no app for respect, kindness or trust.” There is no app for patience “Critical and higher order thinking, collaboration, cooperation, digital literacy – these are skills we claim we want our children to master, that we insist are… Continue reading 10 Things I Said In 2015 I’ll Say Again

High Frequency Ed Reform

100 High Frequency Education Reform Words by @edifiedlistener December 2015 School district policy administration teachers parents partnership staff development priority achievement gap deficit thinking undermine classroom effectiveness curriculum delivery require adjustment overhaul reform education failure charter no excuse high expectation Federal spending local tax base standard mandate taxpayer money distribute research bid best practice culture… Continue reading High Frequency Ed Reform

Leaders of Color Roundtable – A First Assessment

Early on in my coaching venture I articulated where I hoped to be most active and with whom. My goal was to work with leaders in education. I suppose I envisioned work with title-holders: principals, chairs, heads, coordinators. In many ways, they remain a primary target group and yet I am noticing a shift in… Continue reading Leaders of Color Roundtable – A First Assessment