Interrupting Sense of Entitlement

Dr. Robin DiAngelo explains “identity politics” at the beginning of her landmark book, White Fragility: “The term identity politics refers to the focus on the barriers specific groups face in their struggle for equality. We have yet to achieve our founding principle, but any gains we have made thus far have come through identity politics.… Continue reading Interrupting Sense of Entitlement

Post-Conference Reflection: Wishes and Realities

What I would love to have happen: I write a succinct and witty recap of the leadership conference I just attended in which I describe the excellent session my Director, Steve Razidlo and I delivered on the second day. I tell you in short form about the positive feedback we received both on the process… Continue reading Post-Conference Reflection: Wishes and Realities

Reading “Inequality In The Promised Land”

R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy writes about how Black and White children and families experience school and the attendant opportunities in a Midwest suburban district. The title of his book, Inequality In The Promised Land (2014), describes the unfulfilled dreams of Black families who sought better education outcomes for their children enrolled in a suburban school district… Continue reading Reading “Inequality In The Promised Land”

Quiet Times

I took a mental health day today. It was not my first and will not be my last and it helped. If felt wise to claim it when I did at 6am underslept, overwhelmed, stretched thin. To recognize that my mental equilibrium may require down time in the midst of everything. It’s time to restart.… Continue reading Quiet Times