• Going Back to School Thoughts

    I’m not ready. I’ve never been all-the-way ready. The first day is always exciting, year, after year, after year. Imagine a career full of fresh starts annually. That’s teaching. Spending a few prep days with adult colleagues feels comforting. Yet nothing compares to the arrival of children in all shapes and sizes. Big sisters, little… Continue Reading

  • Pay Dirt in Advance

    I don’t know how you start off your school year but I’m just realizing that my colleague and I manage a small miracle with our first few classes. Let me explain. I teach in an international school where elementary students enjoy the benefit of several specialists. In our schedule Physical Education is taught opposite German… Continue Reading

  • Moment to Moment

    That moment … …when I realize that the kids I meet lined up on the stairs are actually glad to see me. … when I watch their attention gradually shift to me, my words, my message and for a hot minute, they’re okay with that. … when my 5th graders see themselves on video, talk… Continue Reading

  • Changing Act

    I’m back! After a one year leave from school to follow my bliss, I have officially returned to my post, nearly ready to welcome students in just a few short days. The questions I’ve been fielding most often are “How does it feel?” and “Are you glad to be back?” To which my most honest… Continue Reading