• The hard part

    Planning is something I do with varying degrees of success.   I’m scheduled to race on the track at the weekend. I have planned and prepared. My goal is to run fast and not get hurt. As a fellow at the Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute in Vancouver next week I have the honor of being… Continue Reading

  • Changing Act

    I’m back! After a one year leave from school to follow my bliss, I have officially returned to my post, nearly ready to welcome students in just a few short days. The questions I’ve been fielding most often are “How does it feel?” and “Are you glad to be back?” To which my most honest… Continue Reading

  • I second that emotion…

    If you’ve been following this blog for a little while, you may already be aware that Elena Aguilar is one of my personal education heroes. One of reasons I have such tremendous respect for her as a person and for the amazing work that she does is her capacity to help us all see what… Continue Reading