• Keeping Kids in Mind

    Two posts I want to recommend off the bat: Jesse Stommel: Why I Dont’ Grade Pernille Ripp: A Call For Common Sense Reading Instruction Teachers who actually teach and also engage on social media often have plenty to say about what they do and how they do it and also why. There is no shortage… Continue Reading

  • The Skipping Post

    Skip. Skip. Children skip. See the children skip from place to place. Who is skipping? The children are skipping. See how happy they are, the skipping children. Skip, children, skip! Where are the grown-ups? They are sitting and watching. They are sitting and watching their tiny screens while the children skip. While the children skip,… Continue Reading

  • School Is Going To Be Awesome!

    One of the greatest insights I have ever received on the topic of school answers the question of why kids continue to go to school day after day, school year after school year without more protest. Put simply: because school is where all the other kids are.  (I am inclined to credit psychologist and author,… Continue Reading