#NAISPoCC18 I’m Ready

My 5th time: Houston, DC, Atlanta, Anaheim and now Nashville. National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference. An education conference. A social justice conference. An affinity group space. All of the above. Consider this, too: There are all these young people around. You know, high schoolers. Teenagers. Here at the conference. Because they… Continue reading #NAISPoCC18 I’m Ready

Keeping the PoCC Conversation Going

One of the things about attending excellent conferences is that one often leaves feeling empowered, energized, ready for action.  And then you return to your reality.  Not everyone else has been where you have been, has experienced the positives you have experienced.  You are feeling warmed up and limber. Many others may be feeling lethargic and sleepy.  This… Continue reading Keeping the PoCC Conversation Going