Be The Power And The Point – A Recap

I did the thing. I shot my shot, sang my song. And it was glorious! I offered a workshop at the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference (NAISPoCC) in Nashville, Tennessee. The title felt clever when I came up with it in the proposal-writing phase. In the execution of the workshop itself… Continue reading Be The Power And The Point – A Recap

Dear Tricia: A meditation on a life of reading

Dear Tricia, Ever since I read through the beginning of your thread last night and finished reading it this morning, several thoughts have been turning in my mind. First of all, let me say how grateful I am for your voice not only in my digital life. Your leadership of #DisruptTexts as an initiative and… Continue reading Dear Tricia: A meditation on a life of reading

Speaking Digital PD

I recently held a workshop entitled: Navigating The Blogosphere and Social Media for Professional Growth. It’s a long title for a few simple ideas. I designed this 90 minute session as an interactive, experience-sharing and question-growing learning event and that’s mostly what it turned out to be according to participant feedback. I’m glad about that.… Continue reading Speaking Digital PD

High Frequency Ed Reform

100 High Frequency Education Reform Words by @edifiedlistener December 2015 School district policy administration teachers parents partnership staff development priority achievement gap deficit thinking undermine classroom effectiveness curriculum delivery require adjustment overhaul reform education failure charter no excuse high expectation Federal spending local tax base standard mandate taxpayer money distribute research bid best practice culture… Continue reading High Frequency Ed Reform