• Stretch Yourself

    It’s surprising but I have more to say about my teaching this week. Well, perhaps not exactly about my teaching, rather more about my students’ doings. I guess this is likely going to be a post about what students do with the directions I give them. Typically, in most of my physical education classes we… Continue Reading

  • In Session

    School’s been in session for almost 10 days. By now I have had a chance to meet just about all of the students in my classes. They are multiple and magnificent. The youngest are at least 4 years old, and the oldest nearly 11. A handful of my students are just beginning to learn English.… Continue Reading

  • No Stranger’s Words

    Through the marvels of technology, I am now in the habit of listening to strangers talk about education: how to teach, how to learn, how to teach students how to learn, and so on. That said, I am thinking now about reading the words of someone whom I know and work with. Listen to this:… Continue Reading

  • School Is Going To Be Awesome!

    One of the greatest insights I have ever received on the topic of school answers the question of why kids continue to go to school day after day, school year after school year without more protest. Put simply: because school is where all the other kids are.  (I am inclined to credit psychologist and author,… Continue Reading

  • An Unusual Honor

    On Wednesday at my school it was “Dress up as your favorite teacher day” and it was a surprise for teachers.  The Elementary Student Council, comprised of some very clever 4th and 5th graders, came up with the idea and organized the whole activity without the knowledge of their teachers.  Parents were informed through the… Continue Reading

  • Finding Open Space

    One of the most critical concepts that I teach students is that of space.  It starts early in PK and KG by first defining it: “an area in the gym where you are not touching a wall, any equipment or anyone else.”  We usually start activities with “Please go find a space.” To Margaret who heads straight… Continue Reading