• Knowing What Resonates

    “@TheJLV: Everything @pernilleripp says right here. Being connected is not all fun, either: http://t.co/kD2cXnYBqk” Truth in every sense! — Rafranz Davis (@RafranzDavis) October 5, 2014 Although I have always been an enthusiastic reader, the variety, pace and range of reading that I do now astounds me. After one year of full intellectual contact with online… Continue Reading

  • I second that emotion…

    If you’ve been following this blog for a little while, you may already be aware that Elena Aguilar is one of my personal education heroes. One of reasons I have such tremendous respect for her as a person and for the amazing work that she does is her capacity to help us all see what… Continue Reading

  • My 10 best online discoveries of 2013

    Once in a while, it’s worthwhile to look back before forging ahead. Here are 10 online discoveries that rocked, changed or otherwise shook up my lifelong learning curve: 1. Twitter -Joined in July, never looked back. Proved to be an extremely powerful and fascinating tool for expanding both my horizons and my reach. Still working… Continue Reading

  • The 1st Annual “What if” Summit

    If I have learned anything from my online engagement up to now, it is this: Dare to think and dream BIG. Here’s my most recent BIG dream project: a “what if” summit of education thinkers and doers.  In my mind’s eye I have collected some outstanding thinkers in education around the table and asked them… Continue Reading

  • Knowing not

    A recent post in my twitter feed truly gave me pause: So true, I thought. And I thought about: My students and all the desires, impulses, hopes and expectations they bring to my classroom… My colleagues and all that it takes for them to bring it, day after day, with intent, purpose, joy and lots… Continue Reading

  • A Few Thank Yous

    THANK YOU: Two words that have changed my life and helped me find my better self when I most needed to. About a decade ago, I made saying “Thank you” a genuine habit a of mind.  While I had certainly used Thank you, please and you’re welcome often enough in the past, what changed was when… Continue Reading

  • What’s in a Coach?

    This summer I found the book I believe I’ve been waiting for all my career: The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation by Elena Aguilar. (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass 2013). Let me try to explain why. The title of my masters thesis in Sport Psychology back in 1997 raised the question: What’s in a… Continue Reading