The Skipping Post

Skip. Skip. Children skip. See the children skip from place to place. Who is skipping? The children are skipping. See how happy they are, the skipping children. Skip, children, skip! Where are the grown-ups? They are sitting and watching. They are sitting and watching their tiny screens while the children skip. While the children skip,… Continue reading The Skipping Post

Got control?

Negative stress, my husband informed me, comes from the feeling of not having control. Yeah, that makes sense, I agreed with him. It’s a straightforward insight and yet I hadn’t heard it put in such clear terms before. I’ve held onto that thought ever since. I began observing myself in situations where I became impatient,… Continue reading Got control?

Body and Mindset Fitness

Move the body, move the mind, right?

Do a plank rather than walk the plank.


Push up rather than push back.

Grin and bear walk!

No need to be a crab; try to walk like one.

Give the term “turnaround” a fresh spin.

Alright friends, these are  just a few moves to boost the body while you’re changing your mindset.  None of these require much space or special equipment – just you, a flat surface and a few seconds.

Have fun with these. More to come.