Alpine Meditation

Vienna is the city. Austria, the country. This place. These places belong to who I am, who I am becoming.

This is where I have matured into adulthood. It is most likely where I will grow old.

This slideshow is a way for me to put myself in context for you and me. I see these places and I see myself but my challenge, alas, remains the capacity to see myself in these places and in turn, see these places -and their meanings – in me.


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Woman. Black. Fit. Angry. (In)visible. All of the above.

Two essays this week caught me unawares and have left me restless in their wake. The first is “Yes, I Am An Angry Black Woman” by Stacey Patton, published in DAME magazine and the second is “Fitted” by Moira Weigel in The New Inquiry. While it is easier to guess the thrust of the first… Continue reading Woman. Black. Fit. Angry. (In)visible. All of the above.

Am I a #PhysEd Teacher?

That’s an identity question. And it would appear to be easily answerable. Am I or am I not a #PhysEd teacher? Not surprisingly, my response is a “Yes, and…” Because if you examine my social media profiles, you might have to dig a little deeper to locate that particular identifier. On LInkedIn you get: Professional… Continue reading Am I a #PhysEd Teacher?

Finally Looking Under the Hood

Oh boy. Stephanie Rivera tweeted some thoughts the other day which caught my attention via @theJLV because THEY WERE ALL IN CAPS. In my understanding, all caps in electronic communication is the equivalent of shouting. What was she shouting about? BATS MISSING THE POINT GOT ME HEATED RIGHT NOW. — Stephanie (@rrrahonda) June 28, 2014… Continue reading Finally Looking Under the Hood

The Gift of Sheila Bridges

I just finished reading Sheila Bridges’ memior, The Bald Mermaid (Pointed Leaf Press 2013) and I am compelled to share. Image from: It was an unusual read for me as it was a personal memoir and I tend to shy away from individuals’ life stories because I feel like a voyeur rather than a welcomed… Continue reading The Gift of Sheila Bridges