Knowing What Resonates

“@TheJLV: Everything @pernilleripp says right here. Being connected is not all fun, either:” Truth in every sense! — Rafranz Davis (@RafranzDavis) October 5, 2014 Although I have always been an enthusiastic reader, the variety, pace and range of reading that I do now astounds me. After one year of full intellectual contact with online… Continue reading Knowing What Resonates

The conversation is happening

  Yesterday as I scrolled through my twitter feed one tweet led me to a blog post by Gino Bondi, “What Questions are You Asking?”  In this post he writes,”The real work, the elbows deep in learning stuff, is in leading the potentially difficult conversations around what learning should look like.”  This struck me as a… Continue reading The conversation is happening

Call – Connection – Response

As often happens when a link catches my eye through a twitter referral, I “click” and am suddenly immersed in another’s thoughts while mingling them with my own.  Today I read two posts nearly back to back.  The first, written by a freshly retired English teacher (, lamented the significant human losses which seem tied to increasingly rigid reform efforts… Continue reading Call – Connection – Response