Thoughts on *Instruments Of The True Measure*

My relationship with poems is not as fraught as my relationship with Poetry. Each poem offers itself, independent of all its potential brethren and I read what I can, Understand as much as I can and let it be. Laura Da’ writes poetry which challenges me. In Instruments Of The True Measure I run up… Continue reading Thoughts on *Instruments Of The True Measure*

“Caught Up”

There’s this sort of internal breathlessness that comes up when I reel through my twitter feed trying to catch as catch can important events, significant reads, personal check-ins all in the space of a few hours a day. I feel like I can’t possibly catch up. Then I  begin to ask myself the weightier question:… Continue reading “Caught Up”

The Awesome Anthem by Sekou Andrews

You may think you don’t have 9 minutes to watch this video.
Here’s what happened when I decided to take the time: I was drawn in, taken hold of, turned around, embraced and fully uplifted. I was changed: By poetry, by surprise, by exquisite use of language, by my sense of kinship, by every ounce and bounce that this entire composition holds. Let Sekou Andrews break it down for you: awesomefied belongs in your vocabulary and mine. Now.