What are your possibilities?

This was a question I was asked to respond to in an online course I am doing on marketing.
What are your possibilities?
The instructions were to take 5 minutes and write down the first things that came to mind.
I started at the coward’s end of the spectrum: Walk away and go home. And then more ideas came; less resigned, more interesting and after a short while pretty creative. (Become a wildly successful leadership coach, create a new group movement, go on a full year vacation)
They are, in fact, all possibilities.
If I go back to my list I can certainly identify 4 or 5 possibilities that I can positively influence – there are real actions I can take, there are factors that are under my control. If I do just one of those things today, how will my possibilities look tomorrow and the next day?

What are my possibilities?

To keep improving my possibilities one positive step at a time.
To ask others the same question.
To keep growing the list.

With an open mind, generous heart and zero assumptions,
Ask yourself
What are my possibilities?
See what happens.