Reading “Inequality In The Promised Land”

R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy writes about how Black and White children and families experience school and the attendant opportunities in a Midwest suburban district. The title of his book, Inequality In The Promised Land (2014), describes the unfulfilled dreams of Black families who sought better education outcomes for their children enrolled in a suburban school district… Continue reading Reading “Inequality In The Promised Land”

Incongruity Theory and #RaceTogether

I’ll admit: The Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign has my attention. I’ll fault Twitter which is, of course, where I caught wind of it and began noting the numerous witty retorts appearing in my feed. Above all, I was amused. Then curious, then amused, and now back to curious. Starbucks' #RaceTogether invites customers to talk about race.… Continue reading Incongruity Theory and #RaceTogether

Understanding the Implications of Race

Understanding the implications of race presents challenges. Understanding the implications of race can be a source of struggle. “Understanding the implications of race” is a typical phrase I might use to introduce the topic of race in a non-threatening way. What if I tried out something a little closer to home like: I don’t always… Continue reading Understanding the Implications of Race

Boston Black and Making Sense of Ferguson

I read this article after I read this post and my devastation is growing. Race in America is not my preferred topic of discourse and then it becomes inevitable. In order to process what is happening, what continues to happen and what appears to have no end in sight, I brood and I write. On… Continue reading Boston Black and Making Sense of Ferguson

It’s Not Only White People Who Need to Learn about Race

I started to write a post about how much I still have to learn about race in the United States and quickly realized that I could not tackle that in under 700 words, nor would I like to try. For me as an African-American woman there are all kinds of assumptions out there about what… Continue reading It’s Not Only White People Who Need to Learn about Race

Finally Looking Under the Hood

Oh boy. Stephanie Rivera tweeted some thoughts the other day which caught my attention via @theJLV because THEY WERE ALL IN CAPS. In my understanding, all caps in electronic communication is the equivalent of shouting. What was she shouting about? BATS MISSING THE POINT GOT ME HEATED RIGHT NOW. — Stephanie (@rrrahonda) June 28, 2014… Continue reading Finally Looking Under the Hood

An entirely personal response to #Thisisnotatest

Dear José, This is not a review. Rather, reading This is Not a Test has given me much to ponder over the last couple of weeks and I want to say thank you for that. So many topics have cropped up in my reflections: race, privilege, US public education and the ills which seems to… Continue reading An entirely personal response to #Thisisnotatest