• Yes, and

    2019 arrived and I didn’t much care. On New Year’s Eve my stomach hurt. I cut out at 11:30pm with no regrets. We’re on the tail end of a family vacation which has gone remarkably smoothly. Everybody has gotten to do most of the things they wanted to do: speedskate, ski, run, play video and/or… Continue Reading

  • Field Day Lessons

    At my school we have a field day tradition in the elementary. For the space of almost two hours the whole population, PK-5th grade is in motion, rotating through 16 activity stations and 2 rest stops. Students are grouped into multi-aged teams of about 15-17 children, led by 5th graders. This year and last year… Continue Reading

  • And when this is done…

    How many times do you say that to yourself? “…and when this is done, then I’ll…” Oh, illusion! My list usually includes verbs like finish, clean, collect, store, organize, write, read, re-read, call, listen to, sit down with, and on and on. And in rare cases, some of these events actually come to pass. Like… Continue Reading

  • Teaching and Thinking: Episodes

    When I am teaching, when I inhabit that role of “teacher,” stuff happens. In me, to me, around me, because of me. I rise and I fall. I succeed and I fail. I keep it together and things fall apart. In a day, in an hour, in a class, in a moment there are cycles,… Continue Reading

  • Moment to Moment

    That moment … …when I realize that the kids I meet lined up on the stairs are actually glad to see me. … when I watch their attention gradually shift to me, my words, my message and for a hot minute, they’re okay with that. … when my 5th graders see themselves on video, talk… Continue Reading

  • It’s the Relationships

    Yes, you have heard this before and maybe you preach it on your own time. It’s the relationships that matter and keep me engaged on social media. It’s the relationships to people and their ideas that compels me to stay up later than I ought to, to leave longer blog comments than I originally intended,… Continue Reading