Deciding to Race When I Thought I Was Done

I recently decided to enter some races on the track. A good friend encouraged me to try coming back to sprinting and I did. He’s 55+ and I’m 52. For our respective ages, we’re in pretty good shape. I hadn’t run a track race in about 15 years. So yes, I reactivated my track club… Continue reading Deciding to Race When I Thought I Was Done

Adventures at The Running School

  I recently attended a two-day training in running theory and practice: Running Technique Coach offered at The Running School. Over the last 3 years I have heard from several of my PE colleagues in Europe that Mike Antoniades and his team at The Running School were game changers and have a lot to offer… Continue reading Adventures at The Running School

For Here or To Go?

This morning I was out for a jog and something dawned on me: Great teaching is something that sticks with you. That was the start. Then the thought began to evolve. Is it the teaching or is it the learning? I asked myself. What great teaching am I carrying with me right now as I… Continue reading For Here or To Go?

The Uphill Climb Toward Mindfulness

One of my latest personal ambitions involves developing greater mindfulness in my day-to-day. There are thousands of resources out there – books, articles, blogs, groups, institutes, workshops – you name it – all of them eager to get each of us that much closer to being fully grounded in our earthly existence. Which, I will… Continue reading The Uphill Climb Toward Mindfulness