Mirror, Mirror, in the Words

Have you ever caught a view of yourself in the mirror that surprised you? Where you suddenly notice a detail that betrays what you perhaps were feeling but you thought couldn’t be seen? That’s kind of what happened to me the other day, but the mirror I saw myself in consisted of words; a series… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror, in the Words

It’s Not Only White People Who Need to Learn about Race

I started to write a post about how much I still have to learn about race in the United States and quickly realized that I could not tackle that in under 700 words, nor would I like to try. For me as an African-American woman there are all kinds of assumptions out there about what… Continue reading It’s Not Only White People Who Need to Learn about Race

Recalibrating “enough”

My sense of “enough” is being recalibrated moment by moment. ¬†What it means is that circumstances are helping me to recognize that what I may have considered lacking before, now strikes me as more than adequate. ¬†Where it would certainly be possible to perceive a problem on the horizon, it has become equally as easy… Continue reading Recalibrating “enough”