• Space And Respect

    “Space!” “Find a space.” “Is that a good space?” “Find your own space.” I spend a lot of my teaching days talking about space – why we need it, what it looks like when we all have it, or when only a few of us have it. I talk about space and safety, space and… Continue Reading

  • Culture Shock Shock

    Sometimes the universe hands you an insight and you just go, “No, seriously, is that what it is?” That happened to me today. I attended a presentation by a colleague on adjusting to a new culture. Considering the title: “The Honeymoon is Over – Now What?” and my status as a 25-year veteran of this… Continue Reading

  • I second that emotion…

    If you’ve been following this blog for a little while, you may already be aware that Elena Aguilar is one of my personal education heroes. One of reasons I have such tremendous respect for her as a person and for the amazing work that she does is her capacity to help us all see what… Continue Reading

  • Step 4: Celebrate and Reflect

      Although I have been teaching team building to elementary students for many years, my learning in this area just never quits.  So this year when pulling out my favorite group challenges and rounding up the necessary equipment, through conversation with my partner colleague I realized what I felt I was missing in the process:… Continue Reading