• The Whiteboard Speaks

    In my classes I rely a lot on my whiteboard. I put up an agenda for each grade level. Maybe agenda isn’t quite the right word. It’s a list of what I have planned. It’s some words and sometimes a few numbers that lets kids know what they can/should do, what’s next and what comes… Continue Reading

  • Keeping Kids in Mind

    Two posts I want to recommend off the bat: Jesse Stommel: Why I Dont’ Grade Pernille Ripp: A Call For Common Sense Reading Instruction Teachers who actually teach and also engage on social media often have plenty to say about what they do and how they do it and also why. There is no shortage… Continue Reading

  • Dear Members of the Student Diversity Leadership Conference 2016, …

    Dear Members of the Student Diversity Leadership Conference 2016, Hi. We probably haven’t met and have not yet really seen each other here at this combined conference of over 5000 people. I’m an educator attending the NAIS People of Color Conference. https://mobile.twitter.com/MsFreeman_Rm210/status/806914626650771456 I’m writing to you because I’m wondering about your experience here in Atlanta.… Continue Reading

  • Practice Saying ‘Yes.’

    While dropping off my son at school this morning, two moms from his class approached me about joining them for a 5K cross country/obstacle course race in June. I thought about it for 30 seconds and then said, “Yes!” Never mind that I am struggling with knee pain on a daily basis right now. Never… Continue Reading

  • If You Could Teach Anything You Wanted…

    …and action! The school year has begun and we’re off to what appears to be a very fine start. While brunching with my oldest today I asked him a question that just popped into my head: If you could teach anything you wanted, what would it be? He spent some time thinking about it and… Continue Reading

  • Finally Looking Under the Hood

    Oh boy. Stephanie Rivera tweeted some thoughts the other day which caught my attention via @theJLV because THEY WERE ALL IN CAPS. In my understanding, all caps in electronic communication is the equivalent of shouting. What was she shouting about? BATS MISSING THE POINT GOT ME HEATED RIGHT NOW. — Stephanie (@rrrahonda) June 28, 2014… Continue Reading

  • Don’t know much about…

    trees, bees, flowers, various forms of plant and animal life physics, chemistry, higher math History that extends beyond Europe and North America and can be referred to as “ancient” Engineering, construction, mechanics plumbing, carpentry, sewing, heating and cooling finance, tax regulations, mortgages Cultural riches of Africa, Asia, South and Central America US celebrity culture playing… Continue Reading