I have some thoughts about parent-teacher conferences

As a teacher I enjoy the opportunity to sit with the parents of my individual students and to talk about their accomplishments their challenges and our relationship. There’s a similar structure to each of my conferences and although I teach about 130 students on average I feel like I know each of them well enough… Continue reading I have some thoughts about parent-teacher conferences

Going Back to School Thoughts

I’m not ready. I’ve never been all-the-way ready. The first day is always exciting, year, after year, after year. Imagine a career full of fresh starts annually. That’s teaching. Spending a few prep days with adult colleagues feels comforting. Yet nothing compares to the arrival of children in all shapes and sizes. Big sisters, little… Continue reading Going Back to School Thoughts

A Few Words About The End

¬†you run holding your breath to meet it crazybusypreoccuiedjustonemorethingpressed and the exhale that follows is both public and private. At some point the air is out the bright balloon that you were that bounced through the last days so visible, animated and claimable is suddenly inert, deflated, floppy. There I am on the sofa There… Continue reading A Few Words About The End

Adept Dodgers and Other Tales

Teaching Kindergarten. We’re working on dodging today. Philippe defines: “Dodging is what you do when someone throws a ball at you and you jump out of the way” (jumping as he speaks to illustrate). “Right, and not only that but when you’re walking on a busy sidewalk, (I walk as I talk here) do you… Continue reading Adept Dodgers and Other Tales