• Chief Enthusiasm Officer

    Just at the end of a six month tenure with the official title of “Project Leader,” I am feeling a great deal of pride, relief, exhaustion and wonder. As part of a volunteer organization, I had the pleasure of leading a fantastic group of  8 professional women. In total we represented 8 different nationalities and… Continue Reading

  • Team Building and Reflective Conversations

    Other possible titles: Building Reflective Teams through Conversation, Building conversations reflective of teams… At any rate, the workshop itself offered a rare chance to mix and mingle with brave educators willing to take risks, have fun and be open. Creating space for learning, connection and laughter – this is my vision for professional personal real… Continue Reading

  • “Could you make the teams, please?!”

    This blog post is dedicated to all my colleagues who are willing to sacrifice the time and endure the messiness of allowing students to solve their own problems in the classroom and beyond. It never fails. On the whiteboard my 4th and 5th grade students read: speedball mini-games. They know what we’re going to play… Continue Reading

  • Step 4: Celebrate and Reflect

      Although I have been teaching team building to elementary students for many years, my learning in this area just never quits.  So this year when pulling out my favorite group challenges and rounding up the necessary equipment, through conversation with my partner colleague I realized what I felt I was missing in the process:… Continue Reading

  • Powerful Questions, Brave Responses

    I’m currently enrolled in a life coaching course and we have been exploring and experimenting with powerful questions. Which questions are powerful? you ask. They are the questions which force you to stop and think. Powerful questions can startle you out of autopilot and make you grab the steering wheel of your random thoughts. You… Continue Reading

  • Teaching to learn

    If you spend any time around children, the pace, variety and magnitude of their learning can be downright dizzying. But it is often only partly (or not at all) related to school learning. Kids watch other kids, watch grown-ups, pay attention to anything, everything and what sometimes appears to be nothing at all. They are… Continue Reading