• Knowing What Resonates

    “@TheJLV: Everything @pernilleripp says right here. Being connected is not all fun, either: http://t.co/kD2cXnYBqk” Truth in every sense! — Rafranz Davis (@RafranzDavis) October 5, 2014 Although I have always been an enthusiastic reader, the variety, pace and range of reading that I do now astounds me. After one year of full intellectual contact with online… Continue Reading

  • What’s Missing in This Picture?

    Digging deeper pays off. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about so much of what I’ve learned through Twitter and blogging. One of the points I made was about reading the comments made in response to particularly controversial, or even any article or post. Comments often contain points and arguments which can stretch your… Continue Reading

  • My 10 best online discoveries of 2013

    Once in a while, it’s worthwhile to look back before forging ahead. Here are 10 online discoveries that rocked, changed or otherwise shook up my lifelong learning curve: 1. Twitter -Joined in July, never looked back. Proved to be an extremely powerful and fascinating tool for expanding both my horizons and my reach. Still working… Continue Reading

  • The Disconnect amid so much Connection

    Just recently I willingly labeled myself a “lurker” in order to describe my social media engagement as an educator.  A lurker is someone who reads, follows, observes online conversations and postings and chooses not to publicly engage by producing output.  I adopted the term because I felt that it best captured my own approach to this… Continue Reading

  • Lurking, listening and proud of it

    This post is a shout out to a fellow educator whose thoughtful insights on what it means to be “connected” helped me put my own professional/personal online activities into context.  I first encountered an article by Rafranz Davis in the following way: A twitter link posted by Tom Whitby on Oct. 2nd led me to a blog… Continue Reading

  • A Few Thank Yous

    THANK YOU: Two words that have changed my life and helped me find my better self when I most needed to. About a decade ago, I made saying “Thank you” a genuine habit a of mind.  While I had certainly used Thank you, please and you’re welcome often enough in the past, what changed was when… Continue Reading

  • Back in

    After a long hiatus, I’m back. This summer I joined twitter and imagine this: I was pleasantly surprised. Pay no attention to the mindless chatter of celebrities, there’s a wonderful world of exciting contributions to all dialogues educational. I don’t follow many and am not sure how I feel about being followed, yet I have… Continue Reading