• On Travel

    Away from home we may be asked why. Why here? What made you choose this place. Ah, to see what we can see. And in a city like Glasgow, we saw historic buildings. We also took pleasure in magnificent street art.   We travel to both get away and to get closer. We leave home… Continue Reading

  • Five Days in Cairo

    I’ve spent five days in Cairo and I feel nearly speechless Because I am so full of emotion, So amazed at my experience, So humbled by ALL OF IT. Yes I visited the Pyramids and the Sphinx, Toured the museum of Egyptian History, Rode on a camel’s hump Without tumbling off. But the joy of… Continue Reading

  • Returning American, Fresh Remote

    I hold US citizenship and always have. I have also lived abroad for the majority of my adult years. When I enter the US anymore, it is as both citizen and visitor. This is both strange and normal at the same time. I don’t consider myself much of a traveler. I like to go places… Continue Reading