Be The Power And The Point – A Recap

I did the thing. I shot my shot, sang my song. And it was glorious! I offered a workshop at the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference (NAISPoCC) in Nashville, Tennessee. The title felt clever when I came up with it in the proposal-writing phase. In the execution of the workshop itself… Continue reading Be The Power And The Point – A Recap

Inclusion, Intent and Extraordinary Value

It’s workshop season and I’m pulling my resources together trying to design adult learning experiences that create value for participants. When I am in this phase of mapping, planning, sketching and drafting, a number of competing ideas come up for me. I find myself zooming out, then zooming in; attending to the details while keeping… Continue reading Inclusion, Intent and Extraordinary Value

Personal Professional Development

Yesterday I had the pleasure of leading a workshop on Team Building and Reflective Conversations. It was a rare opportunity to pull together several pieces of my recent thinking on teaching, coaching and¬†group dynamics among other topics into a lively learning experience for some of my colleagues.¬† In my planning for the event I arrived… Continue reading Personal Professional Development