Writing, Academia and Freedom

Silence Won’t Protect You by Kelly J. Baker On Poverty by Alison Stine Confronting the Conditions of Contract Faculty by Melonie Fullick I read quite a bit about higher education these days and the news I frequently come across is sobering to say the least. There are multiple areas of concern: rising tuition fees and… Continue reading Writing, Academia and Freedom

The Integrity Diet

Throughout this year I have spent a fair amount of time wondering about what it is I am actually supposed to be doing. For about 8 more weeks I will still be working, living and learning entirely on my own dime. Time away from the classroom has brought an astounding degree of freedom and plenty… Continue reading The Integrity Diet

What am I doing here?

Much to my own astonishment I will soon have sent over 1000 tweets.  In a the space of about 15 months I have dramatically expanded my twitter activity and reach. While the numbers are still modest in terms of the Twiterverse at large, for me the reality of over one hundred followers and just under… Continue reading What am I doing here?

Is This What a Home Run Feels Like?

Something happened. Better said: some things happened. In the 24 hrs since I posted What I Know Now About Twitter and Blogging That I Didn’t Know a Year Ago, my inbox has come alive with all manner of notifications: retweets, favorites, new followers. It’s exciting! It’s astounding. And it’s also a little scary.  Because it… Continue reading Is This What a Home Run Feels Like?